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How to Improve Your Cognitive Function

Nutrition impacts on many areas of our lives. Proper nutrition gives us the energy we need to

maintain an active lifestyle, protect us from infection, and help us look and perform at our best.

Nutrition is also critical for our mind, nourishing cells inside our brain which support cognitive

functioning; memory, concentration, problem solving, decision making, learning and perception.

Improving cognitive functions with Reso Health Wellness and Nutrition

Why does looking after your cognitive function matter?

As the global population ages, cognitive functioning and mental wellbeing will represent significant

challenges, because aging increases our vulnerability to conditions that affect normal brain function. Additionally, since we are likely to live longer more active lives, and work later into life, maintaining cognitive function will help us remain effective, healthy, and happy.

What vitamins and minerals do you need to support cognitive functioning?

What vitamins and minerals do you need to support cognitive functioning?

The essentials for good brain health are:

  • A number of B-vitamins, including Niacin, Pyridoxine and Cobalamin, which help our body convert tryptophan to neurotransmitters. Cobalamin also keeps our brain cells coated with myelin, an insulating layer, or sheath that forms around nerves, including those in the brain and spinal cord.

  • Vitamin C and E which have been shown to maintain cognitive function as we get older.

  • Minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium to support vital electrochemical signals within our brain that transmit information between nerve cells.

  • Magnesium which like cobalamin, helps to maintain your myelin sheath as well as activating enzymes that our brain needs to generate energy required for healthy cognitive functioning.

  • Healthy fats such as omega-3 and 6 fatty acids cannot be produced by our body, so they must be consumed through diet or supplementation. Insufficient intake of these fats can negatively affect cognitive function and can lead to mental disorders like depression.

  • Proteins which provide us with an array of amino acids, including tyrosine and tryptophan. Our body uses this to produce neurotransmitters, the critical brain signaling chemicals required for cognition.

How can Reso Health help to support your cognitive function?

With nutrition playing an important part in cognitive functioning and ageing well it’s vitally important that we look after ourselves. Having worked for over 20 years developing medicines we’re passionate about health and helping people perform at their best. Reso Health can provide the precision supplements you need to support your brain health.


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